"38:12.53N 9:15.51W"

Lady of Avalon
Guy & Deborah Tolson
Tue 14 Jul 2009 18:22
Tuesday !4th July 18.30 BST
30 miles south of CASCAIS
Winds NW4 occasionally 3  
Weather good 
Heading LAGOS on the Algarve -
ETA 8 or 9.00 AM tomorrow morning
Very pleasant sailing wind just behind the beam.- a bit rolly though 
John has now returned to Uk unfortunately having his flight cancelled yesterday and having to hang on at the airport till today to get a  flight out
Rhett has fully joined us experiencing his first sail and trying his hand at fishing on Avalon, looking pleased as we are downwind sailing -his preferred mode
Fish have failed to take the bait so far but he promises one before sundown- 2 hrs to go so no pressure (as debs offers to defrost a meal - "just in case Rhett")
Debs is staying on to the Algarve and heads back Thursday to the Uk
 All,s well