"28:07.66N 15:25.65W"

Lady of Avalon
Guy & Deborah Tolson
Wed 3 Nov 2010 14:29
Las Palmas
Tuesday 02/11/10
All systems go – Test sail okay
Rebuilt gear box / New Heat exchanger all functioning now
After 2 months of  engine problems due initially to rope wrap which caused gear failure and then a further problem with corrosion on cooling system which required a thorough overall and new heat exchanger, with all parts having to be bought and carried back to and forth UK and two extra unplanned trips to sort it all out, proved somewhat of a headache, and even put our Atlantic crossing in jeopardy but all,s well that ends well and our Caribbean venture is back on
Coming out here again on 10th with Nick Trimming to sort out final preparations on rigging and deck / seminars for the Arc and of course check out those bars !
Debs joining us the week after for the last few days provisioning / etc. before the start of the 25th ARC on Sunday the 21st November
Lady of Avalon