The Quest for fish is over ! Tuna Tuna Tuna 36:42N 13:52W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Wed 13 Jun 2012 10:10
Hello All
Well we finally caught a fish . Yesterday afternoon about an hour before tea time we landed a 7 Lb Tuna. I don't know what that Kiwi bloke who was on the boat before me was up to for the previous three weeks ? There is a photo of our catch below just to prove it ( No its not a plastic one we bought in the Azores ) We had nice fried tuna with garlic and tomato salsa for tea and we have fresh tuna pasta for tea tonight.
Still going well ,about 7-8 Knots direct towards Tarifa and the entrance to the Mediterranean. If we keep going at this rate we should be in Sotogrande by Friday night in time for dinner.We have started to see a few more boats now mainly heading up from Africa to Europe. I have the 9PM till 11PM and the 5AM till 7AM shifts which is great because I get to see the sunset and sunrise. The sunrise was very spectacular this morning , the sky a blaze of red and yellow. We are all enjoying the sail but I think Claire ,Malcolm and Andy are looking forward to getting ashore and getting back home . They've been away for over three weeks now and had some rough weather, I've just joined in on the champagne leg (or should I say the tea and chocolate biscuit leg ? )   Hope the weather in the UK has cheered up a bit  I gather its been a bit grim ?
Bye for now

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