Sunday Morning off Morocco

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Sun 16 Oct 2011 07:36
Good Morning All
We've had a very calm night with not much wind. Only managed to sail for about 2 hours and had to motor sail the rest. We need to decide soon whether to try and make Lanzarote or head for Essaouira in Morocco to pick up fuel. The problem with Essaouira is that we will get there about 2AM monday morning and so will have to wait till everything opens before getting fuel .Mike flys out Weds night so he is starting to Panic . We hope to pick up some wind as we get nearer the Canaries so I think well probably head for Lanzarote. We had an uneventful night , a few run ins with fishing boats, We had a nice bright moon to guie us. Mike has had the first sea water shower off the back of the boat and I'm about to do the same as soon as the sun has warmed me up a bit. Andy can you confirm fuel capacity because weve been runing the engines for 24hrs and fuel gauge still showing almost full ??
Just going to check weather and hopefull find some wind