Whale, what a day! 35:48N 43:0W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Sat 26 May 2012 12:48
Yup, finally had a confirmed sighting of a whale. I initially spotted a large splash just off  the starboard bow and around a mile away and then we could see the large whale shape leaping from the water. The whale was coming in teh opposite direction and at its nearest was probably half a mile away and around 20ft long. Having looked at the pilot book, it seems it was most likely a pilot whale and it is not uncommon for lone males to be in this area at this time of year
Had a fantastic day's sail, flying the large spinnaker for around 9 hours and were regularly making 8 knots towards Horta. This also helped us make 180nm in a 24 hour period up to 11.00 get this morning.
Unfortunately the weather has deteriorated and we had a pretty wet and windy night with some large wind shifts. Currently making 6 knots vmg with 2 reefs in and are hoping that wind will start to back to the west as forecast. We are reasonably confident of good winds from now into Horta but do expect it to get a little less comfortable, not dissimilar from our first few days, so blog updates may become briefer and less frequent. 705nm to Horta