Onwards 37:38N 24:10W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Sun 10 Jun 2012 09:53
We collected our new crew member, able seaman Joe, Andy fitted the new water pump (seemed to involve a lot of cursing), we had a meal at the local restaurant in the marina and then by 8.30pm we were off. Next stop Sotogrande, just under 1,000 miles away - the hope is to arrive next Saturday.
We only had time to watch, with the locals, the first half  of the Portugal/Germany game, but since we saw fireworks from offshore, make the assumption that it was a good result for our hosts....!
Never was clearing customs and immigration quicker - the staff just wanted to do the paperwork (two departments = 5 minutes) and then settle down to the football (coming in it took Andy nearly 2 hours).
But I have to say what charming people we have met everywhere in the Azores and the day we took driving around San Miguel was a revelation: wild hydrangeas everywhere, clean villages, mostly great roads, and a wild, deep green,spectacular, volcanic background. Andy drooled about cycling here - then gave me details of the mountain bike I must purchase on my return home.
Now Joe has joined us it appears we have an excellent fisherman who is very confident of catching fish but I seem to recall that was how Ian started at the beginning of the voyage nearly a month ago!
After the first night we are all getting back into the routine of watches, sleeping and eating.....
Now homeward bound, we are all looking forward to getting to Spain then sleeping in some dry bedding!