The Dead Sea 36:58N 17:40W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Tue 12 Jun 2012 07:54
Well sadly we have to report that stories of man destroying the oceans and wildlife seem to be supported by our findings so far on this leg. Apart from the first day we have not seen any dolphins,only a few birds and given Joe's extreme confidence in his fishing skills, there cannot be any fish in the sea either.
We have had a very good 36 hours of sailing with a steady 15- 25 knot north westerly driving us along bang on the rhum line to Tarifa at 7-8 knots. Furthermore yesterday's weather forecast was predicting more of the same for the rest of the trip, we'll see. We are trying to avoid forecasting an arrival time based on progress to date but would be reasonably confident of getting in by Saturday lunch time.
Crew in good shape and straight back into pattern of sailing and sleeping in three shifts per day and it has been flatter than the start of the Antigua-Horta leg so eating pretty well.
Minor drama in the night when the mainsheet managed to unthread itself in an attempted reef but all resolved with minimal drama.