Antigua Fun

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Fri 6 Apr 2012 22:47
Monday 2nd April - Shopping in St Johns
We got a bus into the main town and went shopping! The first shop we went to, we got really cool tooth paste (spongebob square pants mild berry bubble flavour!) and kit kat white choc! yum yum! then we went to subway and got cool sandwiches and wandered round for a bit. There was a cruise ship full of waddling fat Americans and then we got ice cream!
The bus was really cool because it was like a taxi. people were sharing seats and there was a big dent in the front of the bus! We saw the schools on the way and they had a better tuck shop than us and they also had really cool uniforms!
Tuesday 3rd April - Dived a wreck in Deep Bay
We sailed over to deep bay with Becca h's grandparents and went snorkling. We swam ashore and accidently landed in a resort! But we still got ice cream there! When we were eating our lunch, we threw bread into the sea and mini sword fish ate them! they were creepy!
Wednesday 4th April - Anchored overnight outside Jolly Harbour
Thursday 5th April - Sailed from Jolly Harbour to English Harbour
Becca & Becca