Breakages 16.19.28N 45.27.20W

Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Fri 2 Dec 2011 18:56
Hi All,
Another eventful day. Last night started with a very lumpy sea which gradually flattened during the night to return with a vengeance this morning. Andy and I were on watch and two massive waves rolled under us which rolled the boat significantly, waking up the night watch and knocking Jason in the head with a stray kite surfing board. Not the best start to the day for Jason!
The sea continued to be lumpy but with a consistent 20 knot wind, gusting to 25, we decided to hoist the spinnaker, which made for a hairy ride. After 90 mins the guy rope came off the winch and we had a few frantic moments before recovering the spinnaker and our composure. I then went on the foredeck to check on possible damage and noticed the track for the spinnaker pole had moved so we dropped the spinnaker and hoisted the asymmetric. After about an hour the asymetric's halyard shackle came off and the aysmetric dropped into the sea which was another big moment for us. We ended up trawling the ocean for a while but eventually got it back on deck - unfortunately no fish were caught.
So we are back to white sails, shame really, because the colourful ones are much prettier. Oh and the bad news is that someone will have to go up the mast tomorrow to retrieve the halyard....
Good news is that we caught another fish which should feed us tomorrow and Sunday. Mike is unsure whether to serve it with white sauce or curry.
Generally things are going well and if we just had the wind blowing in the right direction and calmer sea we could make good progress and get some undisturbed sleep.