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Kantara Atlantic Odyssey
Andy Hemens
Wed 23 Nov 2011 17:48
Yup we caught a fish and have a tuna type meal this evening, just need our superb in house chefs, Mike and Joe, to agree on seasoning.
Had a reasonable last night but did have our first squalls and had to put in a hasty reef around 11pm. Today have made reasonable progress but sea is very sloppy making it tricky holding a downwind course. Has been a little too much nudity onboard for my liking with most of the crew finally having to admit it was time for a wash and change of clothes. Going to have to rethink composition of crew for return. Pleased to report that the sea shower gel works a treat.
So what does a typical day look like? For me I head to bed at midnight grab 6 ours sleep and then get gently woken by Jason, the kindest and gentlest guy on the planet. I am then on watch with Ian for two hours and then Joe through to 11am. The sun is rising around 7.40 and most days the sky is quite clear by around 10. As soon as we have light and enough hands on deck, the spinnaker has been going up and we then take it in turns to helm. I am fortunate to have Joe as morning crew buddy as he is very generous on breakfast duties and tea making . My afternoon then involves grabbing a little rest, enjoying a feast of a meal around 5 pm, check weather, write blog and then prepare for the 8pm to midnight slot, sure is a tough life! 
Text on the sat phone is pretty old technology, so if you do send us a text via the iridium site, please keep it very brief and put your name on it.
cheers for Now

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