We're getting there...slowly

Fri 19 Apr 2024 20:32
Position 33:08.238S 156:58.078E

COG: 240T
SOG: 5.3 kn
Wind speed: 8.3 kn
Wind direction: 144T
Distance to go: 288 nm

We’re plodding along and slowly getting there. Yesterday was mixed day, with feast or famine regarding the wind. We had the engine on a couple of times when the wind speed dropped below 6 knots and when we were sailing we used the staysail so we were prepared when one of the very frequent squalls with high winds came by. In fact, we invented a new game called DodgeSquall. The objective is pretty obvious and it’s great when you win but the consequences when you lose are a lot of wind and rain…we got quite good at it.

Two days to go now, we should arrive in Sydney sometime on Sunday night/Monday morning.
Jan’s chicken roti last night were pretty good and we celebrated the Caribbean theme with some Bob Marley on the stereo and a glass of rum.
Other than that, nothing really to report.