Getting there....

Sun 16 Apr 2023 16:37
Location: 10:03S 129:42W
COG: 238T
SOG: 7.5 kn
Wind: 083T 17.5 kn
Current: 236T 0.9 kn
09:00 local time (UTC -8)
Distance to destination: 530 nm

Oh the convenience of air travel….at 400mph in a 737 this 4,000 mile journey would have been easy and taken around 10 hours, but when you sail you start to realise just how big the Earth is - we have now been sailing for almost 4 weeks and we still have another 500 miles to go.
During the ~3,500 miles we have already travelled we haven’t seen any other vessels at all - just a vast expanse of empty ocean.
However we are slowly getting there and if we manage to negotiate the promised light patch successfully, hopefully we should arrive in the next 3/4 days.
We aren’t allowing ourselves to get too excited yet, because as soon as we do so we can pretty much guarantee that the wind will die and we will be left wallowing and going nowhere - sailing is like that…the Wind Gods are cruel and enjoy toying with us.
For the moment, we have wind and we are still making good progress to Hiva Oa.