We are anchored in San Cristobal

Wed 29 Mar 2023 16:15
Location 0:53.868S 89:36.794W

Once again there was no wind at all, yesterday or through the night, so we carried on motoring.
However our journey was regularly interrupted during the daylight by frequent sightings of marine life…..
We seemed to be on a migratory route for turtles and saw several - what was really odd was that some of them seemed to be just floating and had sea birds perched on their shells. We also saw several small pods of whales, some including a calf - but we didn’t get too close to them for obvious reasons. There were also several dolphin sightings and innumerable flying fish. The flying fish explode out of the water ahead of the boat like fireworks and then skim for what seems like an age before they land - amazing.

We anchored in San Cristobal in the Galapagos this morning.

Our agent has come to visit us and departed with our passports; our boat papers; and huge amounts of our cash.
Although it seems very strange given that there are quite a few local fishing boats and charter boats here, but there is no fuel dock!
All the fuel will have to be transported to the boat in 10 gallon jerry cans, perhaps my Agent’s fee is not as outrageous and unjustified as I had thought…well it’s still outrageous, but at least Bolivar will have to do some work for his money.

Whilst we are waiting for our bottom inspection and our fuel we are being amused by the sea lions - there are loads of them!
The water is so clear that I can see the bottom, and we are anchored in 10m of water. There are shoals of small fish hiding in the shadow of the boat and these little fish are constantly being pursued by the sea lions…there are little one and big ones; juveniles and grizzled old adults, all pursuing their breakfast. There is one sitting on step at the back of our boat at this moment. Hope they don’t shit like seabirds!