Bad news....

Fri 23 Jun 2023 15:25
Location 17:30.302S 149:49.349W

We have now left Tahiti. We haven’t gone far, just 15nm over to Moorea.
We anchored in Cook’s Bay and had planned to spend a few nights here before moving on to Hua Hine.
Unfortunately, however our plans will have to change.

During the night there were some very strong katabatic gusts coming down from the hills.
One of them must have got under the dinghy and flipped it, because it was upside down when we got up this morning.
Luckily the engine was still there and hadn’t actually fallen off, but it was completely immersed for some time.
I haven’t bothered trying to start it - that’s likely to cause even more damage.
We are going to have to return to Papeete so I can take it to the Yamaha dealer who will have to rinse it and flush it.
Hopefully it won’t be too badly damaged…..