Mummy Bear Winds...

Sun 14 Apr 2024 19:48
Date: Monday 15th April.
07:45 NZ time

Position 33:37.399S 170:41.904E
COG: 266T
SOG: 6.0 kt
Wind speed: 6.1 kt
Wind Direction: 264T
Distance to go: 968 nm

Yesterday was a much nicer day, with sunshine and winds in the “just right” kind of area - between 12 and 15 knots and from the South. We were making around 6.5kn (in the right direction!!) for most of the day, but unfortunately there is an adverse current of between 1-2 knots so our progress wasn’t as good as I had hoped.

At around 21:30 last night the wind dropped so i put on the engine and we started motoring. All the weather routing i studied before departure showed this big area of low pressure in the Tasman Sea so i expected it and we can’t avoid it. Some of the models suggested that we might have to motor for over 4 days so we filled the jerry cans before we left - I hope we don’t have to use them but I must confess that I would much rather have too little wind than too much wind, so I won’t grumble (too much).

There’s not much else to report really….there’s nothing out here apart from sea and the very rare and occasional sea bird. There’s no other evidence of life - certainly no other vessels for a few hundred miles. I considered fishing, but given the lack of evidence of any life i have decided to wait until we get nearer to a sea mount where there might be an upwelling because I don’t think there is much to be found around here.