The highs and lows of the seas...

Mon 17 Apr 2023 16:24
Location: 10:22S 132:39W
COG: 255T
SOG: 7.9 kn
Wind: 115T 17.6 kn
Current: 280T 1.0 kn
Distance to destination: 370 nm

After several days of appearing stuck in the twilight zone where our estimated time to destination hovered around 7 days for what felt like at least 7 days… we finally broke free with some stronger winds and watched with glee as the estimated days to arrival tumbled. Whilst the stronger winds induced more intense rolling, the visible progress to target was encouraging and spirits amongst the crew improved greatly.

The crew began to dream again of flat ground, the end of night watches and disrupted sleep and even started planning their first celebratory cocktails upon our arrival after successfully maintaining a dry boat for approaching 30 days. No mean feat!

However, the Sea has a way of lulling you into a false sense of security after such a long time on the move and struck down a new blow before our pending arrival. Ed was taking some rest in his forward bow cabin watching a movie on his much loved MacBook, when out of the depths surged a rogue wave which poured around a pint of Pacific salt water through the open hatch window and directly onto the laptop. Much to the dismay and loud profanity from the owner, he set about desperate attempts to rescue it.

Whilst Ed rushed to retrieve some kitchen roll to dry the laptop, in his haste placing the device on the saloon table, the Pacific in all its devilment saw fit to give the boat another huge lurch to send the dripping laptop across the saloon and hard onto the floor… any hopes of recovering it were well and truly lost. Hopes of finding an Apple store to attempt to revive it in the Marquesas Islands are thin. Celebratory cocktails may serve a secondary purpose to mourn the loss of the much loved device. Still, things could be worse. We continue to be in good health and greatly anticipating our arrival.