Smug bird is back!

Tue 28 Mar 2023 12:44
Location: 00:41.199N 088:32.884W
COG: 224
SOG: 6.0 kn
Wind: 090 0.4 kn

Smug bird is back! He was clearly stalking us during the day, because a blue beaked booby landed on the pulpit as dusk was approaching and it must have been the same one as the day before - I recognised the supercilious, smug expression on its beak as he settled himself down for the night. I had already dismantled my rope because I thought I had been victorious, but it was quickly re-assembled and the bird was dislodged. He continued to circle the boat for the next few hours, clearly hoping to sneak back aboard under the cover of darkness, but I got out the floodlight (which pushes out about 3,000 lumens) and every time he came in to land I gave him a blast. I felt like one of the searchlight operators protecting London from the Blitz. I once again prevailed and we have a shit free pulpit this morning!

Regarding the sailing….well there isn’t any. There’s absolutely no wind and there hasn’t really been any for several days now.
Doh! I guess that’s why they call it The Doldrums.
We are motoring towards Galapagos where we will have to re-fuel.
Apparently there’s a fee of $400, plus an Agent’s fee ($200?), plus the (undoubtedly exorbitant) cost of the fuel…another $2,000 if you land.
We won’t be landing!

En route to the Galapagos we will be crossing the Equator and although we are a dry boat, since it’s the first time i have crossed by sea I will be toasting Neptune with a small(ish) tot of rum.