Now in Tahiti

Tue 6 Jun 2023 00:54
Location 17:34.111S 149:33.908W

We’ve moved on from Rangiroa.
There was a weather window which suggested light SE winds which would allow us to sail to Tahiti so we decided to grab the opportunity.
Stronger winds were forecast for the following days and the anchorage in Rangiroa gave no protection from the SE so would have been a bit uncomfortable.
In fact, the winds were stronger than forecast so instead of arriving in Papeete at dawn as I had planned we arrived in darkness the preceding evening.
I hate arriving in a strange harbour in the darkness - the opportunity for problems is large, but fortunately our friends Rowan and Jenny were there already so able to guide us into our berth and help us with our lines.
We are now moored in the marina and it makes a very welcome change…there are shops; bars; restaurants and people.
I like a deserted island as much as the next man, but as I sit here on the boat sipping a chilled glass of Cote de Provence and watching the world stroll pass I must confess that I like this civilization stuff too.