Departure date is getting closer….

Mon 6 Mar 2023 23:59
Viridian is now in La Playita Marina.
Location is 8:54.791N 79:31.647

Jan and Ed arrived on Friday which was great because I hadn’t seen them for 4 weeks. We were anchored nearby because it was cheaper (free! 👍) but moved to the marina to get some final bits of work done and because it will be easier to load the boat with our provisions.

The passage to the Marquesas is about 3750 miles in a straight line…and we won’t be going in a straight line - so I am expecting us to take between 30 and 35 days. We will need to allow for delays so we need some extra and that’s a lot of food!

I’ve been studying the weather every day for the past few days and it’s looking like we may have favourable conditions approaching so I hope we may be able to leave on Friday.

Getting excited now…