We have found the Doldrums....

Fri 24 Mar 2023 11:55
Location 06:13.205N 082:20.886W

What a difference a day makes!
This time yesterday we were in 21 knots of wind and with a favourable current we were making 10 knots speed over the ground (SOG).
However mid-afternoon we hit a lull and the wind completely died - there hasn’t been any since and if we try to sail we are not making any progress.
We started motoring towards our next waypoint and 12 hours later we are still motoring.
The forecast shows that we are in a massive windless hole, which isn’t great.
We hope to find some wind soon because we are already concerned about whether we will have enough fuel for the journey - we certainly won’t have enough if we have to do a lot of motoring.