Poundshop trade winds...

Thu 13 Apr 2023 15:28
08:00 local time (UTC -7)
Location: 09:38S 122:15W
COG: 295T
SOG: 6.4 kn
Wind: 169T 12.8 kn
Current: 050T 0.7 kn

“you will be alright once you’ve reached the Trade Winds” They said...
“constant south easterlies between 15-20 knots” They said…
Well “They" were talking bollocks!!

When the wind first dropped we put up the symmetrical spinnaker and managed to sail after a fashion for a while.
The wind dropped even more yesterday afternoon and those who know me know I’m not a very patient person, so I soon got bored with bobbing around and concerned about things getting damaged by the banging, so we put away the spinnaker and started motoring.
We motored overnight and the wind went to the SW (220T)!!???
It gradually increased and is now coming from the south at 12 knots so we started sailing again at 07:00.
These Pacific trade winds are clearly the very poor relations of the Atlantic trades.

“Only" 1050 nm to go now...