Just checked in to Tonga

Wed 9 Aug 2023 23:37
Location 18:39.4S 173:58.9W

We arrived in Tonga this morning after a 2 night passage. The wind died on us as we approached so we had to motor for the last 12 hours. Fortunately I tightened up the fan belt before we left Niue so no issues with the engine. The sun came out as we approached which was very welcome.

We crossed the International Date Line during the passage so we are all now a day older. Must say that I feel like it…

It was fabulous to see all the whales near the coast as we arrived…I can honestly say that we saw more whales in the 30 minutes before we got here than we have seen in the previous 6 years of our travels. I’m hoping to go diving here and I will try to take some videos.

The clearance process wasn’t too painful or expensive. We are now on a mooring near to a waterside bar and I’m looking forward to testing it for Sundowners this evening.

Happy Days!!!