WE are leaving Fiji

Fri 27 Oct 2023 04:39
Location: Vuda Marina, Fiji 17:40.891S 177:23.095E

It looks like the weather is going to be suitable for our crossing to New Zealand over the next few days so we are going to leave Fiji on Saturday morning after having spent almost two months here. We’ve enjoyed ourselves immensely and would recommend it unreservedly - it’s a lovely country with lovely people. The snorkelling is amongst the best I’ve seen in our travels; it’s incredibly cheap and there are the skills and services available for boat maintenance when you need them.

Our next stop will be Opua in the Bay of Islands and if all goes well we should be there in about 7 or 8 days. There’s a nasty depression SW of us at the moment but it is forecast to decline and I think we may even end up motoring,…but the engine has been serviced; we have plenty of fuel; and better too little than too much is a mantra I live by at sea.