We may need to re-fuel at Galapagos

Mon 27 Mar 2023 13:06
Location: 02:09.505N 08:54.136W
COG: 212
SOG: 3.8kn
Wind: 095 6.0kn

We were doing ok yesterday up till midday, then we hit another big area of nothing.
We tried sailing using asymmetrical spinnaker and poled-out genoa in addition to the conventional sail plan but we made very slow progress against the strong adverse current.
Eventually i gave in and turned on the engine.
We motored through the night and this morning with the wind between 5-7 knots we started sailing again.

It is looking increasingly like we may need to re-fuel in the Galapagos.
Apparently they have a way that you can re-fuel from a barge so you can do so without actually checking in or stepping ashore, however you have to pay some ridiculous fees and extortionate prices!!
Let’s pray for some more wind….

P.S. I found a cunning plan to dislodge my stubborn booby…I attached a long rope to the pulpit and lead it back to the cockpit, so I could sit there in the shade. Whenever i noticed the bird sitting there on its perch and looking smug, in a similar way to cracking a whip I sent a wave down the rope. This was immensely satisfying because it caught the unsuspecting bird right in its smug arse and sent it flying - I laughed every time.

When you are at sea and there’s nothing to see, simple things can provide hours of entertainment and lots of amusement.