No wind; no fish; no news....

Tue 16 Apr 2024 18:59
Position 32:14.886S 165:00.00E
COG: 259T
SOG: 5.9 kn
Wind Dir: 328T
Wind speed: 6.4 kn
Distance to go: 696 nm

Well, the fishing was bit of a disappointment…..
Nada! Not a sniff. No sign of any sort of sea-life, no birds, no splashes, no fish, no bites. I will put out the lure again today, but now the water is so deep that they don’t even bother to tell how deep it is on the chart so I don’t think there’s much chance of finding anything out here.
Very disappointing!

In other news,….there is no news.
We are still motoring because there’s still not enough wind to sail. We did see the lights of a fishing vessel in the distance last night but that has been it for excitement so far. Hopefully there should be enough wind for us to sail tomorrow morning - fingers crossed!