Slow progress...

Sat 25 Mar 2023 12:33
Location 04:59.526N 083:55.824W

We did quite a lot of motoring yesterday to move us from an area of absolutely no wind to here, but we are still in an area of very light winds.
Fortunately we had the bottom painted and the propellor cleaned before we left, and since we had all the rigging replaced in Martinique last year Viridian sails surprisingly well in light airs…at the moment we are making 5.6 knots in only 7.7 knots of wind, which I think is astonishing for a boat that weighs over 21 tonnes with nothing in it.

Sadly 7.7 knots is the most wind we have seen in quite a while and mostly it is around 5 knots when we are making about 3.8. The situation is not being helped very much by the fact there is now a 1.2 knot tide pushing us backwards so we are only making 3.4 knots SOG (speed over ground) - slow progress….