Tough first night!

Sat 13 Apr 2024 18:50
Position 33:55.391S 173:26.800E

COG: 295T
SOG: 5.0kn
Wind speed: 14.5kn
Wind Dir: 208T

It’s always tough when we start a long passage after not having done one for a while and this was no exception.
The wind was 20kn gusting 28kn which was much stronger than had been forecast.
When you add to that the chaotic sea that had been left after the previous two days bad weather you end up with quite an uncomfortable ride and Jan and I were both suffering a little from seasickness.
Fortunately the wind has now abated somewhat and we a little bit more comfortable.
The forecast says that we will have wind for the remainder of the day and then it dies and we will have to motor.
To be honest,…I won’t be grumbling.