South Island
John and Elspeth Perryman
Thu 7 Aug 2014 19:29
59 16.56N 18 18.91E

Sailed here on Wednesday just a short sail from our anchorage. For once we were one of the first to arrive and I even got to do two loads of washing in the machine - everything else has been done by hand as the machines are always booked. In the afternoon we went to a supermarket which required a train journey. We had a lovely meal out in the evening but have been quite shocked at how expensive everything in Sweden is.
Today we went to see a ship called the Vasa which is just slightly younger than the Mary Rose, also sank on its maiden voyage but a lot more of it remains. It was amazing with loads of beautiful carving. Then we went to an open air museum which has collected buildings from all over Sweden. It was really interesting and a bonus was that they had some native Swedish animals such as wolves, elk and reindeer.
This evening we have been planning our next voyage. We are off to Kalmar but have three nights at anchor on the way in the Swedish Archipelago which should be good.
We had a huge thunderstorm last night directly overhead and two boats in the next marina were hit by lightening and sunk. Fortunately none of ours were damaged.