Maiden Voyage

South Island
John and Elspeth Perryman
Thu 18 Apr 2013 13:54
We had the boat handed over on Monday morning and went through everything with Simon the engineer. I’m sure we will forget a lot of it. South Island looks absolutely beautiful in her berth and we are absolutely delighted with her. We spent the rest of the day unpacking boxes and working out where to put things – there is loads of stowage. On Tuesday morning we carried on unpacking and in the afternoon the wind died down a bit so we went for our first sail with 3 of the Rustler team to show us how things worked. We had a great time and she sailed beautifully. Last night was our first on board. Unfortunately it has been blowing a gale but it is giving us a chance to get sorted out and work out how to use all the new equipment. Hopefully the wind will die down tomorrow and we are hoping to go out with Gavin, the sailmaker, to use the cruising chute and then out on our own at the weekend if the weather is as good as promised. Watch this space!