Brixham part 2

South Island
John and Elspeth Perryman
Sun 27 May 2012 08:35
We stayed here an extra day because of some very strong winds yesterday.
However we will be sailing round to Dartmouth this afternoon. We have
realised that the aeroplanes we saw were part of the display for the Queen
at Windsor and, thanks to an email from Laura, that Kevin was in one as he
had been part of the E in EIIR. The big birds we saw were gannets.
Every other person in Brixham seems to be from Yorkshire and a lot of the
rest are from up north.
As we were wandering round the town we stumbled upon a restaurant
advertising a 'Taste of Portugal' evening. We had a delicious meal with
loads of courses including sardines, soup, chicken skewers, seafood
risotto, custard tarts, petit fours and port - WOW! We're really in the
mood for Portugal now!