South Island
John and Elspeth Perryman
Tue 7 May 2013 11:56
48 16.79N 04 35.35W

We came here yesterday. We started off hopefully with our sails up but there was no wind so we had to motor. We came through the Chenal du Four between Ushant and the mainland. It has a fearsome reputation but was really calm yesterday though our speed over the ground got up to 10.3 knots with the strong tide.
Camaret is delightful, hidden round a headland in the Rade de Brest so you don't know it's there till you arrive. There are lots of colourful houses around the harbour and a beach with really white sand. The water is crystal clear too. We will spend a couple of days here before we move on as there are some nice walks along the cliffs. It is obviously a favourite place for the English as there are several English boats in the marina.
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