Caernarfon to Barmouth - Delivery Leg Complete

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Sat 25 Jun 2011 12:46

25th June 13:00


Slipstream slipped the buoy in Caernarfon at 4am ish on the 24th, heading for Barmouth. A glorious morning: the sunrise developing as we motored and then sailed out of the estuary. Snowdon’s peak was hidden in cloud for the whole time it wasn’t visible.

The crew having a full cooked breakfast and catching up on sleep from the early starts filled

a pleasant run down the North coast of the Lleyn peninsula, turning inside Bardsey Island, through an impressive tidal race.

Once round the corner the wind died, so we motored towards Abermouth and then the excitement started when the feeling of relief that the long delivery leg (longer than the race itself) was over. The excitement involved a much closer ‘approach’ to the Abermouth bar than we’d hoped (and the sort of ‘approach’ that we’d just reconnoitred the Caernarfon bar to avoid)…

Fortunately, we escaped the sands and were guided into harbour expertly. We moored ‘tween two buoys and hid our shame in the Yacht Club Bar.

The delivery cabin girl was dispatched (thank you and indeed great thanks to ALL the delivery crews, though they seemed to enjoy their trips). Bill & Baines awaited the remainder of the competitors.

And then the wind blew up and the rain started and kept on going all night.

A swift supper and back to the boat for a night of bag sorting, rule-reading, tide-calculating, and early-nighting awaiting the delights of the 25th

Porridge and bacon sandwiches for breakfast briefings and back to the boat for sleeping & sorting…

Start is due at 16:00.....