Boat time Tuesday 15th September

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Wed 16 Sep 2009 09:07

So for supper on Monday we booked a taxi & had a beer whilst waiting at
the marina. Nick (in charge of entertainments) asked the taxi driver to
take us to the best restaurant on the island (not too demanding because
it's not that big.11 by 6 km) & so we were driven to a nice one halfway
up the mountain which is much of what Porto Santos is (probably the
taxi-driver's sister's restaurant). Fine restaurant which we probably
didn't do justice too as we had had too much lunch. Nick had limpets &
we all were served vast quantities of meat & fish some (much) of which
was left uneaten.
A taxi drive back to the boat & then bed in anticipation of an early
start for Lanzarote.

Up at 5.30 (always more difficult following a night out) to find the
boat behind us had gone silently in the night. Leaving as dawn rose in a
good breeze. Sadly the breeze seemed to be generated by the mountain and
died down the further we got from land.

As we left we saw some dolphins 300-400 yds away, and then a little
while later for 10 or so minutes we were surrounded by 5-10 dolphins
some of who jumped clear of the water

Wind not quite in the right direction so we put up the Spinnaker
allowing us further off the wind & ripped off towards Lanzarote. Lovely
spinnaker run in some reasonable (perhaps unreasonable) sized swell.
Sadly ripped was the operative word when the fine Spinnaker caught on
the top spreaders & ripped & twisted round the forestay in an almighty
mess. Fortunately pulling a little of the genoa out untwisted the
spinnaker and we were able to bring the spinnaker down & got all sorted
out with the spinnaker back in the bag, the halyard secured. Back to the
genoa with a wind shift allowing us to sail pretty much in the direction
we wanted at a good speed of 6-8 knots.
All this resolved by lunchtime with the traditional tapas, though Baines
seemed under the weather spurning his usual glass of red wine. Major
excitement of the day was the start of the new salami, but sadly this
was felt to be inferior to the earlier one and given that we've about
500 gms of chorizo (each) to eat before Lanzarote the inferior salami
was dismissed to the depths (as were some parsnips which had stowed away
since England).
Then, in a day packed full of entertainment, Baines blocked the heads
(and the prospect of Baines having to unblock them brought a smile to
the skipper's face which had been troubled by the spinnaker episode) and
successful unblocking of the heads (whilst at sea) by Baines is the sort
of initiation rite practised in expensive schools (unpleasant & the only
good thing about it is when it's over).
And then (in a day that we thought could offer no more) it started to
rain so Baines & Nick left the skipper to steer & went below.

We're starting to review the victuals which will not last till the
second leg.40 or so eggs remaining, so it'll be omelettes all round, &
considering which of the rest of the supplies should be dispatched to
the deep. Sadly the foods favoured by the crew (chocolate & cake) are
felt to be those most able to last till next leg.

Unless we count the disappointment in the salami as our third episode of
bad luck, we're now all watching out carefully (and especially Nick)..

Breakages the spinnaker (in a bag)
The heads (unblocked)