29th November 8th day at sea - 1 complete week

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Sun 29 Nov 2009 20:26
  Gentle sail last night with the twistle rig.  Bill unwell with raised temperature, sore throat and flu-like symptoms (sounds a little oinky to me, Skipper - W.W) so was omitted from his night shift which was shared between Paul, Nick and Mike . Mike very excited by the dolphin displays during his shift.  Another glorious sunny day requiring biminy to provide some shade.

  It is now 1 week since we started - we celebrated with beans, bacon and bread for breakfast.  Lunch was tapas, cheese and preserved beef.  A major discovery is the membrillo quince paste, purchased by Richard and Nick, which thankfully is being enjoyed by all as there is a kg of it to get through - its non-melting properties being greatly lauded.

  Sadly still no fish landed.  News that a neighbouring boat had caught 5 today did not help. Even more devastating was the loss of Nick's carefully hand-crafted squid created from araldited hooks, a juice bottle, gas tubing (for tentacles), mouse-mat (for eye-balls) and door lock (for weight).  It's instant loss, to the snapping jaws of yet another sea monster, causing great distress!

  Paul has provided Redbush and Vanilla tea which is presently being consumed by that macho pair Richard and Nick.  The rest of the crew are not so brave.

  During the course of the day a water tank was found to be dry; there are plentiful supplies of bottled water and red wine on board, so all is not lost.  We have not investigated further, to see whether it is the 250L or 350L tank, so we are not as concerned as perhaps we should be.