1st December 10th day at sea

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Tue 1 Dec 2009 21:21
  Tragedy - no advent calendar (none in Micheldever either, boys, so don't feel too hard done by - W.W).  My, we have had an exciting time.  We're in the habit of charging the engine morning and evening.  On the charge last night we could smell electrical burning.  It was the alternator cable that had come loose and was worn through by the fly wheel.  Fortunately this ceased when the engine stopped.  We decided to leave it alone, to repair in daylight.

  There has been fine sailing downwind through the night.  We lost sight of our companions from the day, leaving them some 10-20 nm behind by this morning.  We then turned our focus to the cable, contacting a UK electrician who advised a repair on the cable exactly as Nick had already implemented - to EEICE standard!  The excitement continued when we succeeded in getting the twistle rig entangled in the shroud, whilst younger Baines was washing his shorts on the foredeck.  Thankfully the vidoe camera was turned off while this situation was redeemed.  Even more excitement was to be had when we reached "the fold".  The map of the Atlantic is too big, and the approximate half way point is at... the fold.  Skipper suggested a fancy dress party.

  Sadly Billy has recovered.  We have to scrub decks (well, he did actually), cockpit...twice, fridge, floors and the list goes on.

Nick broke the toilet door, but fixed it.
The spring for the fridge door
The alternator cable

Mrs Skippy (a Wonderful Wife) will take over blog duties tomorrow.  This is Mrs Nav-Man signing off.