24th November Tuesday, 3rd day at sea

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Tue 24 Nov 2009 18:57

Crew starting to get used to life at sea. Easy sailing through the night with the two foresails out either side. Some attention needed to stay reasonably downwind, but much easier than the first night.

Fishing lines put out with the garishly pink squid and the more formal dark one, sadly they have caught nothing as yet, and were quickly reeled in when the dolphins came to pay us a visit, though sadly the reels proved substandard & we got a godalmighty tangle on one of them requiring the sacrifice of a reasonable length of twine. Dolphins are lovely to watch & seem to surf down the underside of big swells the way that humans surf the topside.


Fresh tapas were created by Nick, though the big swell meant that this was not so much a relaxed meal, it was more a game of catch.


Bill decided to have a wash off the back of the boat, to much merriment & only Richard could be persuaded to follow suit and is now wearing a fine monogrammed pair of boxer shorts: his chosen attire for the journey. Paul & Nick have embarked on the contest success requires the winner to wear swimming shorts for the longest continuous period.


We’ve seen three other sailing boats through the day, and are currently in hot pursuit of one which is gull-winged out about half a mile in front of us but with our (successfully raised this afternoon) Twistle rig, we’re hunting them down.


Breakages: not quite a breakage but Bill lost his pink polo shirt which he’d put out to dry.

Serious cereal leakage, with muesli all over the cabin

The fishing line

Again not quite a breakage but mould had broken out in the fresh fruit requiring the sacrifice of chillies, a mandarin and courgette (hooray). The pursers (Nick and Richard) have banned the consumption of apples until the less durable fruit has been consumed.