Boat time Wednesday 16th September

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Thu 17 Sep 2009 08:38

So on Tuesday evening, all pretty tired. Nick slept much of the later
afternoon & Baines & Billy were not sufficiently motivated to seek
supper.perhaps too much food in Porto Santos.
Night watch gave variable wind conditions with a good amount of wind at
some times, but not quite in the right direction and towards the morning
just too little so on with the engine & a couple of hours motoring,
which was spent sorting out the food which won't last till the next leg
from that which could be left on the boat.
Anyone following in our wake would be confused by the oranges, potatoes,
31 eggs, par-baked bread & rolls etc etc which were surplus to
requirements and so ejected, partly because trip has gone well & partly
because we didn't have as many crew as we expected & partly because crew
that we did have weren't particularly peckish on the early leg (=
seasick) Nick had the delightful task of clearing out the fridge.and
again our censor requested that we withhold details, which are however
available from Mr Homan on personal request.
Tapas as usual sampling another vast cheese (Gruyere) which was felt to
have travelled well, none the less, once Tapas was over (with the belief
that we'll be lunching in Lanzarote) over the side went the Manchego &
the Gruyere The current approach seeming to be that any food that comes
up onto deck is either eaten or thrown over the side.
The afternoon is baking with a scorching sun despite a reasonable breeze
(which isn't quite in the right direction for Lanzarote) leading us to
seek some shade behind the sails.
We hope to moor up in Lanzarote through the later part of the night.
& so with thanks to the shore-based support team for all their sterling
efforts & a gentle elbow dig to the shore-based support team who should
have been boat-based, this will be the last missive for this leg. The
last comment being from Mr Homan "if that was the taster, then bring on
the main course"

Breakages none yet