"Lonely night" Blogged at midday Sunday 6 Sept

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Sun 6 Sep 2009 19:22

Saturday night started well with all consuming steak, potatoes, garlic
mushrooms and sweet potato mash ably cooked by the downstairs coxswain
(Nick). Billy and James took the early and late watches with Nick and
Paul taking the mid-watch. A good night's sailing with wind through the
night allowing speeds consistently in the 7s and 8s .At one stage 9's
were recorded.

The night was warmer with all disepensing with sea-boots. After the
continuous company of dolphins and porpoises through the previous night,
it was a disappointment to see none at all through the night. The day
rose more cloudy than yesterday, though this may be a blessing
protecting the pale crew from sunburn.
We're currently (midday on Sunday, 2 and three qurter days out of
Salcombe 430 miles on the log) 110 miles from Finisterre, with not quite
enough wind to sail so we're motorsailing down towards the point of
Finisterre which characterisitcally has wind. We plan to round
Finisterre and moor up at Bayon a Spanish town close to Vega, where Mike
has located a sailmaker to repair the torn main sail. Stout work form
the shore-based support crew!

Special events at least 4 people have read the new Scientist which was
purchased prior to departure, but none seem to have read the petnhouse
which was gifted to Billy. A mass outbreak of gayness or the sort of
behaviour that would be expected from 5 men who would embark on a boat

Breakages: the pressure cooker (how you break a pressure cooker escapes
us, but it's cracked in two places)