monday 7th september Midday.

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Mon 7 Sep 2009 15:59

Wind 10 knots over the starboard quarter, fine new red spinnaker up,
Tom helming (in preference to reading estates law
management: a difficult choice) 6 knot of boat speed watching the
Spanish coast drift past (with a little anxiety, not being quite sure
where we are...but anxiety would be much greater without satnav) Night
was spent sailing down towards Finisterre, dodging ships en route to the
traffic separation zone. For much of the time the winds have been just a
little light, but given our discontent on the early part of the trip
that there was too much wind we shouldn't complain. It's certainly more
pleasant with too little wind! We'd a couple of visits from porpoises or
dolphins but nothing like the attention of the first night. The
conditions are getting warmer, but the nights are cold, spectaculalry
clear at times with brilliant star and shooting stars.

For the first time all the crew are well and we'd a cooked b'fast in the
cockpit before putting the spinnaker up.

We've been sailing for a week now since leaving Cowes. Most of the crew
are unshaven. Some are still in their original base layer & swimming
shorts. All are looking forward to a cold beer and hot shower in Baiona.

Tom has followed James and Richard in al fresco ablutions and has yet
another variant involving loo roll positioning. Again the details have
been withheld at the request of the censor but will be available tot the

Breakages: the toilet seat
a loose shackle found on the side-deck...but where did it come from?

Mike Hughes has been brilliant as Ellen Macarthur style shore based
We have followed his lead regarding a mate he met whose Dad lived in
Baiona and this has led us to a friendly sailmaker to effect repairs to
the main.
We have also been informed that there is the Spanish version of Cowes
Week ending in Baiona tonight. As we arrive (at 0300 hrs Tuesday) we
will see the Spanish Royal Yacht anchored in the harbour. We will enjoy
giving that a scratch as we attempt stern-to mooring in the dark.

The fridge was cleaned today. It was the only thing malodourous than the
crew. A word of warning...those Tesco vaccum packed lamb ribs are not
hermetically sealed. They have created a fearsome micro-culture in the
well of the fridge. Given the amount of swine flu aboard we may have
brewed a new variant strain. Any deli-belly will probably blamed on the
Spanish Paella.

There is talk of James leaving in Baiona to return to Alice. And then
there will be four...