4th December 13th day at sea

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Fri 4 Dec 2009 23:39
  Less than 1,000 miles to go - days are becoming a little disorganised as we've moved 3 hours worth of time zone, yet left our watches on UK time.  Highest sun is around 3pm UK time.  There was lots of cloud through the early part of last night which made squall-hopping more difficult, but they were all successfully evaded (or maybe none came our way).  There was an impressive lightning storm initially to starboard, then directly ahead of us and then off to port.  This caused some concern amongst the crew when sailing straight for it.

  The crew have a curious nocturnal existence.  There are 3 cabins and 1 sleeping berth by the table, in the saloon.  The crew going off duty wake the on-coming crew, hot-bunking it into the recently-vacated bed.  The middle-of-the-night crew has been known to end up sleeping in every location all in one night.

  Billy cooked a chickpea casserole for lunch, which all enjoyed (are you sure Mike's on board? Worried W.W) despite the somewhat difficult sea conditions.  Through the afternoon we were visited by a group of dolphins who did a few jumps right out of the water, although probably none caught on camera.

  We have lost contact with our long-standing companion and weather-forecast-forwarder Mabi2, but fortunately Mike's broadcast provoked a response from another yacht, Parson Jack.  We are not alone.

Things run out of:
Fruitcake....thankfully (reports the non-currant-eating, and previously non-chickpea-eating, Mike)