Thursday 10th Sept

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Thu 10 Sep 2009 16:28

Boat time Thursday 13.15 first night at sea with only the three oldies
safely accomplished. Sailing about 200-220 ish which will get us to
Madeira or the Canaries (and that's close enough for now). There's a lot
of sea, there's a lot of starts at night and today (in a major change)
we've thin cloud rather than scorching sun. That's the news for today.

Although we'd not even noticed flies when we were in Baiona we've a
collection of them who have stowed away for a trip to the Canaries and
who are causing major irritation. We can't believe that any more could
fly to where we are so we've a dedicated programme to search and destroy
all of them. Fortunately there is no particular site to which they have
all been attracted (Bill's socks, Baines' sailing shoes which are
particularly fragrant, or Snoodle being competing sites) which might
cause dissent and rivalry in the crew. Bill so far is claiming 5 kills
in the last hour, but his venom is constrained: flies landing on the
computer are not to be harmed until they leave their place of
safety.sadly the same is not true for the crew

All the repairs which were carried out in Baiona are holding up well &
we've not caused anymore damage (yet).

Night watches are different solo, Bill's was marked by shooting stars,
Baines' by catching another sailing boat, and Nick's distinguished by
him singing aloud along to his ipod and loosing the sailing boat which
Baines had found in the trackless wastes of the ocean, which we are sure
was Richard's mythical female-crewed ARC competitor.