Boat time Saturday 12th September

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Mon 14 Sep 2009 07:35

Another night at sea.distinguished by Baines cooking the last of the
fresh meat from Baiona.chicken that was regarded with some sceptisim by
all, but with the true attitude of toughened seafarers, we all tucked in
& have got away with it so far.Lots of discussion about the
possibilities of fresh meat for the atlantic if all we can manage is
three days out of Baiona.chicken coop on the foredeck

One of the purchases in Nick's favourite shop in Baiona was a knife
sharpening block (for 1.30 Euros) hours of fun, several knives sharper
than sharp, and better still we've yet to cut ourselves.

Night passed easily with all settled into the routine. It's warmer, so
oilskins & thicker layer's discarded. This makes one of the more
difficult tasks (peeing whilst wearing oilskins, off a boat bouncing
around in the sea, whilst wearing a harness) so much easier.

So a very exciting line out (nothing). Spinnaker up and
good progress of 5-7 knots on 220 degrees (straight at Madeira which may
be a stop). A visit from some whales which could be seen spouting &
swimming past, fortunately not too close & then a visit from a tiny
little land bird, which perched on the boat but seemed disturbed by the
occasional flap of the spinnaker as we surfed down the swell. Regardless
of this he perched on Bill's shoulder (the closest Bill'll get to a
bird). The bird turned down our offer of Madeira cake and watermelon and
has since left us...not sure where to we have seen no other boats at all
Bill took some sextant readings which put us surprisingly close to our
real position in the North Atlantic. Baines had a wash on the back of
the boat and bucket-showers of Atlantic water.sadly the other members of
the crew seem able to let personal hygiene slide.
Best day so far for sun.hats & slop all round, glorious blue colour to
the water, now south of Gibraltar & closer to Africa than Europe (but
not too close, we're slightly apprehensive about what's coming off

Lunch Tapas as usual in the cockpit and afternoon siesta

Now have 450 miles on the log and only 230 to go to our next objective

Breakages none (today yet)