9th December 18th day at sea

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Wed 9 Dec 2009 21:49
  Fish lunch.  A sense of torpor has settled over the crew -at least we thought it had, but we had to explain the meaning to Nick and Mike and then they agreed - while Bill disagrees, but only after a sleep on the foredeck which undermines his claim.  This may be as a result of the disturbed night on watch, or it may be the fierce heat of the sun.  Clouds are welcomed as shade and we all seek the shady side of the cockpit.  Despite this, we are all sun-tanned and hear weather back in the UK does not quite match that in the Caribbean.  Or maybe it is because the salling has been unchallenging for the last few days.  The wind has been constant in direction and strength and all we've had to do is pull the genoa in and out a little.

  We had fish for lunch today - tuna - for the first time on the voyage.  Sadly this was tinned tuna and mayonnaise, as our sacrifices to the sea-gods have left us with insufficient lines to fish.

  The nights are gloriously warming until the rain showers, which are a little cooler.  But for the last few nights Richard and Paul have been topless, or more correctly wearing bikini tops (I think they mean life jackets - I blame the cabin fever W.W).

  Through the day we have seen 3 boats - the Norwegian (we were in contact with yesterday) and 2 more have come into sight on the starboard side.  We haven't seen dolphins for a few days, except for the occasional visits from a couple, but we were visited by a large number this afternoon who surfed off the bow wave while we were ripping along at 8 knots in good wind.  They seemed to be playing in and out of the waves, jumping and showing off.

  We are anticipating the lights of the eastern side of St. Lucia and getting into Rodney Bay at lunch-time tomorrow, although this will depend on the wind.  The crews' imminent arrival pales into insignificance however given today's news of great success by Hattie Cuthbert, who has passed her driving test.