5th December 14th day at sea

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Sun 6 Dec 2009 10:59

  We started last night under genoa and main-sail going a little more south than we would choose.  The night was initially fine, with a clear view of the stars and distant cloud with a lightning storm.  Through the night the lightning came closer and the wind backed so we decided to change to the twistle rig, though not before Younger Baines had entangled the twin foresails.  This mess was easily sorted and the twistle rig ran well until the wind blew up and lightning came all around us, leading us to appreciate that we were in the middle of a famed Atlantic squall.  This was reinforced when a torrential downpour started.  We wound the twistle rig in and Slipstream ran smoothly on auto-pilot, so the crew retired below deck due to the proximity of the lightning.  Through the following hour or so, occasional forays were made on deck to adjust the auto-pilot but Slipstream took good care of herself and was successful in breaking her own speed record in gusts of 45 knots.  Nick slept though much, or perhaps all, of the storm.

  Things gradually settled down in the morning, though we continued to make good progress in 17-25 knot winds.  Following some sleep Mike made a fine curry accompanied by fresh poppadoms, which were well-received.  An afternoon of domestic bliss - Richard washed clothes, Nick and Paul temporarily suspended their swim short-wearing competition for a short and personal wash.  Billy made a sponge cake which tasted so good that the ensuing fight for the last crumbs drew blood from Nick.

  The Baines boys will be delighted to know that we are playing "Safety and Doorknobs" (I think I heard him right? W.W) across the Atlantic and there are no doorknobs on Slipstream.


The better bucket now has a leak
Boat speed record 13.3 knots (autopilot replacing the previous best of 10.6, established by delivery boy, Tom Homan)