30th November 9th day at sea

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Mon 30 Nov 2009 19:29
  Good sail through the night - stern light seen a long way ahead which Paul thought was Mabi2 (fellow ARC boat) despite Mike's assurances that it wasn't.  Mike proved right as a 40ft boat called Ocean Lady appeared, however Mabi2 visible later on starboard side.  A long time with no boats, and now we are three.  Useful for us as they can relay weather reports.

  Good day's sailing with 15-25 knots knots directly astern, pushing along at a reasonable rate (Paul claiming top speed of 10.4 knots), made more exciting by intermittent very large swells.

  The pace of life has changed as the crew relax into life on board.  Most noteably, despite the previous few days of fishing and creating lures, the fishing lines have remained undeployed as the optimism of inexperience gives way to the bitter acceptance of reality.  In addition, most of the tackle has been sacrificed to the seagulls.  Sleeping and reading have replaced other activities.  Paul has irritated all by reading aloud his book on the feminist approach to healthcare law.  Billy continues to feign illness.  In an attempt to return him to full duties, the Medical Officer has prescribed him antibiotics.  All, except Richard, have shaved at least once.

  Honourable mention to the bucket, which has recently been retired.  Most impressive when catching sea-water at 6-8 knots, the force of the water almost pulling the crew in.  It has had a wide range of uses - vegetable receptacle, crew ablutions, washing down decks and nocturnal urinal.

  Following yesterday's recognition of the empty water tank, stringent water rations have been imposed.  Fresh water is only for drinking and preparing meals.  We have run out of fresh meat and most fruit (too exotic to spell correctly - apologies W.W).

  The distance record has been broken - 185nm in 1 day.  Blogs continue to be delivered by carrier pigeon (that'll be me then), the crew still have no access to e-mail.