19th November: the crew completed: and then there were Five

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Fri 20 Nov 2009 19:29

19th November


Easy morning, more general sorting of the boat, with a collection of small tasks taking an inordinate amount of time, each easy task taking far longer than expected because the bolt is seized, or we lack just that size of screw so we have to go to the shop to buy a specific screw…or whatever. Fortunately relieved by the arrival of Mike at midday and so (conscious of the fact that the beer on board was not quite cold enough) the crew retired to pier 19 to celebrate Mike’s arrival in the now traditional fashion. But after a couple of beers we are back to sail sorting.


the finely honed crew: their fitness preparation is to peak in the middle or towards the end of the Atlantic rather than at the start...(or so they claim)




Major excitement of the day: a trip to the shops. To the sailing shop to buy knives – vital for any self-respecting sailor – so we’re all knifed up now…fortunately none have (yet) suffered the tragedy of cutting themselves or dropping them over the side. And to the fishing shop to buy a collection of lures and lines to catch fish on the way. Sadly, very limited English in the fishing shop compounded by even more limited Spanish on our side leaves us slightly uncertain that we’ve bought the right sort of stuff, but in discussion with the fellow on the adjacent boat we find that the garishly coloured (pink) octopus is a sure-fire winner. I guess we don’t find out until we’re a few days out in the Atlantic so we’re unlikely to return for a refund.


Swift shower and a visit to Raymarine-sponsored happy hour then taxi on to where the girls are staying (a smart flat with panoramic sea views) and a local restaurant for supper, with a longish walk home afterwards.