Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Fri 10 Jun 2011 21:45
 This is such a difficult blog to write as have lost a few days due to fear and drugs (legitimate according to Anna)
Left the delightful Kilmore at 9am to calm seas Unfortunately no wind so motoring...what a difference a day makes!  The plus side is we didn't .. .
  have to renew patches or take kwells to get through the voyage! 
Has been a widlife feast today..whales, dolphins,seals etc  Such a wonderful and exciting sight!  Anna educating us all in dolphin life!  Really quite amazing.
Spinnaker up for at least half an hour but alas wind failed us and had to motor last leg.
Arrived in Arklow at 5pm in the sunshine!  Glorious!Champagne opened - then off to the local for a Guiness.  Doesn't get much better than this.
We thank Slipstream  (and the skipper) for looking after us so competently.
'Til the next time xxxx
Best wishes from all aboard to the following:
Billy & Hen sitting their GCSE's
Richard & Judy for looking after the boys....
The boys, Will and Tom for looking after Richard & Judy