Thursday 22nd April 2010 - The Best and Worst of the British Virgin Islands

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Fri 23 Apr 2010 00:09
The Best and Worst of the British Virgin Islands
Next morning Billy was rudely awoken by the squeaking of the boom-unhappy puppy.  Henry was woken by Billy kneeing him in the bottom.  Billy and Nic went for a awim to the shore and saw a MASSIVE Napoleon Wrasse.  On returning, the puppies got down to some good revision whilst Bill partook in an important board meeting from  the forward cabin.  George having got out of doing her exams was munching through her millionth book.  After sharing out the meagre Alpen and UHT milk rations and when Bill had finished his meeting, we set sail for Norman Island.  The winds were conspicuously absent, so we got to make use of the now fully functioning engine.  After twelve miles, we arrived at 'The Bight', which unfortunately had already been discovered by the noisy, American, catameran crowd.  Undeterred however the crew decided to swim the vast distance to shore accompanied by their skipper reliving his college days by rowing the tender ashore.  A cocktail was enjoyed, though would have been more enjoyable with earplugs (my god Americans are loud!).  George meanwhile was happily observing Sugardaddies in action and deciding on her price (she decided Antigua was much more her hunting ground).  Upon returning to Slipstream we received a visit from 'Deliverance', a boat selling all kinds of yummy foods and drinks.  Having stocked up on beer, coke and 'Ting' we slipped our mooring and pootled around the headland to find a bay devoi of anybody except for a turtle and a stingray.  We took a mooring and went for a snorkel where yet more tropical fish were observed.  After the swim, the puppies decided fish should be on the menu tonight.  However, after many complications, the Slipstream fishing duck remains.  So we settled in the end for a truly 'stool softening' meal....  As we type some bloody Americans have moored next to us....!
  Bill returning from the deep