2nd December 11th Day at Sea

Slipstream Web Diary
Bill Cuthbert
Thu 3 Dec 2009 01:28

Wednesday 2nd December 11th Day at Sea


Another slow news day


We continue to progress westward at a reasonable pace.   Amongst the highlight of the day was that our Sextant reading placed us within 62 miles of our GPS position (not a great error in mid Atlantic).   Nick has developed his baking career further with baking scones with an exquisite burnt topping.  These could only be described as ‘interesting’.   The Fruit cakes (two – one from Granny Homan and one from Ruth Baines) deserve a mention.  They have accompanied us so far, and have been key in maintaining crew morale.  Sadly they now have come to an end.  We face a fruit–cake-less run into St Lucia.  Our sincerest thanks must go to the kind donors.     During the early night we sighted a fellow yacht on our starboard side, which crossed behind us and was lost to vision astern of us.  While she was visible we tried to raise her on the VHF but got no response.


The state of the dishes (disgusting) has led to a revision of the restriction of fresh water use.  The sink now houses fresh water and frequent plates.


Breakages – none yet

Things we have run out of - scone mix (thank goodness)


(This has come via wife No 2 in Watford, who thinks ‘cabin fever’ is starting to break out on board, as when telling the crew messenger, the elder Baines (and my husband), that there were a few yachts close by on the map, I was met with an uncharacteristic enthusiasm, interest and excitement about other people (well boats).  I must also apologise that this is a late posting, and in fact it is now Thursday, but I also have had computer problems this evening!