Confessions of a Boogie Bum;

Mina2 in the Caribbean - Where's The Ice Gone?
Tim Barker
Sat 4 Jan 2014 21:51

I may have spoken too soon about the good security at the boatyard. We bumped into a couple at the hotel this morning who were going to the boatyard to clear up the considerable mess after their yacht had been broken into. Apparently it had happened about three weeks ago and their boat was just one of six that were hit. The culprits had also been stealing things from the boatyard employees who caught them, duffed them up a bit then handed them over to the police. So at least this particular gang are behind bars which probably saved Mina2 from being stripped bare in the last ten days. Apparently it isn’t so much the thieves’ work that is difficult to clear up as the sticky black deposits on every surface of the boat left behind by the police fingerprint team.

I promised the DS that I would take the day off today and spend some quality time with her. So when I went to the boat yesterday I picked up a whole load of manuals for the new kit that I’ve had installed on the boat, and I’ve spent most of the day furtively reading them, hidden in a newspaper. But this afternoon I was obliged to frolic in the waves with the DS. She even had me body-surfing on something called a Boogie Board for God’s sake. If that gets out my reputation as a hardened adventurer will be in tatters. Tell no one.